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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's that in his hand?

Several people forwarded this photo from Facebook to me. It comes from Saturday's incident in the Jordan Valley.

What's that in the hand that's circled? It looks like a knife but that seems unlikely. Maybe it's a lit cigarette? Hmmm.

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At 2:33 PM, Blogger Eema to 3 said...

It is an unusual way to hold cigarette, and it appears to taper to a point unlike most cigarettes I have seen.

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

I enlarged it to 1200% in Paint.net. Unfortunately, the image is a rather low-res one and gets grainy before it shows anything identifiable. It appears probably not to be a cigarette but something gripped in the palm of the holder's hand, with something protruding. As an ex-smoker, I can't imagine holding a cigarette like that, nor do I see smokers who do so.


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