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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What a shock: Censorship on Israel Radio

Israel Radio has ordered presenter Anat Davidov to stop giving out 90-second spots for individual opinions on the Friday afternoon mid-day newscast.
The directors of the Israel Broadcasting Authority have ordered radio presenter Anat Davidov to drop the personal opinion pieces which air on her weekly "Midday Friday" program on Reshet Bet, sparking claims of censorship from journalists.

The program offered 90 second spots to three or four speakers expressing their opinions on current events. However, last week Broadcasting Authority heads - including Miki Miro, the director of Israel Radio - met with Davidov and instructed her to do away with the personal slots. On Friday her program only included one such piece, which dealt with sport.

"Instead of encouraging dialog and discussion, they are silencing it," one Broadcasting Authority journalist said. "In such a year, an election year, along with the social protest, the connection and aim of such a move are blatant," he added.


The Broadcasting Authority said, "As part of changes in the radio programs, a decision was also made to change the format of 'Midday Friday.' Other changes will also be implemented soon."
My guess is that one of those affected will be Rabbi Binyamin Lau. Shame on the Broadcast Authority! Nanny State Radio!

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