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Monday, April 09, 2012

The video that got MJ Rosenberg fired

In an earlier post, I reported that Jewish anti-Semite MJ Rosenberg is leaving Media Matters. You didn't really think he was leaving voluntarily, did you? According to an anonymous tipster, this video, entitled "Who said it, Media Matters or white supremacists?" is what got MJ fired.

Let's go to the videotape.

Who Said It? Media Matters or White Supremacists? from JA on Vimeo.

And in case you're wondering who said what....

1, 3, 5, and 7 - MJ Rosenberg, Media Matters Foreign Policy Fellow
# twitter.com/#!/MJayRosenberg/statuses/171995635069886464
# huffingtonpost.com/mj-rosenberg/obama-neither-the-lobby-n_b_586819.html
# huffingtonpost.com/mj-rosenberg/us-iran-israel_b_1074058.html
# thejc.com/comment-and-debate/analysis/64400/dual-loyalty-libel-sweeps-america

2, 4, 6 - White Supremacists
# nsalp.org/id16.html
# stormfront.org/forum/t239814/
# nsalp.org/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/peoplesobserverfebruary09.pdf

White Supremacists Even Use Media Matters For Content...
# twitter.com/#%21/NSALParty/statuses/158251972863074304

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At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your anonymous tipster is a prize liar.

The term Israel Firster is common now, and not just amongst white supremacists.

Rosenberg wasn't fired.

Media Matters is one of the most influential news sources in the world. Unlike the garbage right wing media which caters to the large trash class, it actually has people with brians and knowledge behind it.

As if accusations of 'white supremacists' using Media Matters has any significance comeing from someone who is himself linked to white supremacicst, who promotes white supremacists and nazis.

What do you think you are if not an Israel Firster Carl as well the rest of the 'americans' here?

There will be civil war. Then you lot will show your true colours...rats leaving the sinking ship.

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't for a minute doubt a time will come, when the US bombs Israel to smithereens.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

Why not examine the mozlem firsters, who curse America and say they only came to take it over for the mozlems. There are videos of muzzies saying this and ranting it, in America as well as cultists like Louis Farrakan, Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton, saying this stuff, every day from what I see and hear on videos!! Well unless those white nazis become mozlems they are not going to last long.

At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want an answer to this

White Supremacists Even Use Media Matters For Content...

Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna whom Carl is alwasy quoting and lauding are white supremacists.

How does this hypocrite liar, get to make a two faced statement like this?

Matt are you reading this? You said not to hurl abuse at the blog owner.

Do you expect a liar, a two faced nazi licker to be kissed? accusing Rosenberg of what he himself does? Except that Rosenberg isn't a white power bum licker


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