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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Tornadoes in Hevron

David HaIvri reports on an interesting 'coincidence.'
Today, for a Jewish person to buy a home or property in Judea, Samaria or Jerusalem, from an Arab, is a very complicated procedure. Under the Palestinian Authority, capital punishment is the accepted punishment for those who sell property to Jews. That being the case, these types of deals are very complex, and can take years of secret negotiations, during which time monies are transferred and agreements are signed.

Before the deal can become public, the Arab seller needs to relocate to another country, where he will be safe from assassins from his own community. After the deal goes public, the new Jewish owners take possession of the property and move their families in. At this point, in almost every case, some other Arab will publicly make claim to the property and state that no deal was made.

In the above case, there was an emergency meeting of the leaders of Israel`s government, where it was actually decided that the new Jewish owners in Hevron would be given a few days to prove their claim before any action was taken.

But Defense Minister Ehud Barak took matters into his own hands and acted in defiance of that government stand. The soldiers of the IDF were sent in to evict the Jews from their new residence in the city of Hevron, next to the Cave of Machpelah.

Now, PM Netanyahu will have to decide where he stands.

My friend, White House Correspondent William Koenig, brought my attention to a most remarkable piece of information. It seems that at the same time that the Jewish owners of the Hevron house were being evicted, homeowners in another Hevron were also forced out of their homes. A wave of between six and thirteen tornadoes has struck in the region of Texas between Dallas-Fort Worth and Hebron, Texas. Thousands are stranded in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, over a hundred planes are grounded and being inspected for damage, and at least 300 homes have been damaged.

A message? A coincidence? Could be.
Read the whole thing.

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At 10:11 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

These things are difficult. It seems like the most important thing is to end up with a public record of titles, by year, for all types of land and buildings (are old buildings divided into "condo" apartments?), etc. While the govts will make various arrangements as far as residency vs security, the actual title needs to be carefully recorded and kept up to date (and its history added to). For example, an Arizona rancher was shot dead on his property in So. Arizona last year. Many people are moving away from the border, some selling the land and some just not living on the land, but retaining title. The records need to be exact regarding ownership. Also, I saw a video about one of the wildlife areas down along the U.S./Mexico border. Anyone going onto the area is accompanied by armed guards. The feds are trying to put more and more land down there off limits for ordinary people to go onto at all. The administrations will change, but the ownership will be solid and the land usable again, depending on the attitudes of the govt people. So it isn't just Israel. Keep good records!


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