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Monday, April 02, 2012

Terror in Jerusalem: Haredi man attacked by axe-wielding 'Palestinian' terrorist outside Old City

A 55-year old man Haredi man was attacked by an axe-wielding 'Palestinian' terrorist on the corner of HaNeviim and Haim Bar Lev Streets on Monday morning. While the report describes the attack as having taken place 'outside Damascus Gate,' I recognize the corner and it is much closer to Meah Shearim (which is off to the right) than it is to the Old City (which is visible in the very back of the picture). The implication is that the man was on his way to or from the Old City, but that may not have been the case. And the area where the attack took place is a very busy area at that hour of the morning (8:20) so it is probably a miracle that more people were not attacked.
According to the police, "An Arab assailant attacked a Jewish haredi man near the Damascus Gate. He struck him on the head and the two struggled shortly, before the assailant fled the scene."

The ax was found at the scene.

Magen David Adom Spokesman Zaki Heller told Ynet that, "At 8:21 am we received a call saying a man was attacked on the corner of HaNevi'im and Bar-Lev streets, near the Damascus Gate.

"An ambulance arrived at the scene within minutes. The paramedics found the man who was attack sitting on the sidewalk and presenting with head and torso injuries. He told them he had fought off his assailant."

Heller added that the man suffered wounds to the back of his head, his hands and his waist, adding that he told paramedics he was attacked by an Arab man.
It sounds like this terror victim was pretty lucky....

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