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Monday, April 09, 2012

Not so simple

Israeli officials are said to be 'satisfied' with Iran's response to the West's proposals for the P-5+1 talks, saying that Iran's 'true face' is now exposed and that President Obama will have little choice but to toughen sanctions.
Senior state officials said that Iran is hardening its position in an effort to challenge Obama. "They believe that the White House does not want a conflict on an election year," one state official said. "Once they form an official stance we'll know how financially stressed they are.

"If Obama sees he's being challenged he will be forced to toughen the sanctions in an unequivocal manner."

Another senior official said the Iranians are stalling for time. "As far as Israel is concerned the Iranian response is good because ultimately Obama will be forced to toughen the sanctions."

World powers will hold the next round of nuclear negotiations with Iran on April 14 in Istanbul.
I wouldn't bet on that. Obama will prostrate himself before Iran many more times before he gives up and agrees to toughen sanctions. After all, he didn't want the sanctions in the first place - Congress forced his hand. They will have to do the same thing again.

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