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Thursday, April 05, 2012

A new front in the terror war: Terrorists fire rockets on Eilat from Sinai

Two Grad rockets slammed into Eilat around 1:00 am. No one was hurt. The rockets are believed to have come from Sinai, which is sovereign territory of Egypt, a country with which we supposedly have a 'peace treaty' (and which, of course, we cannot 'insult' by sending troops in to clean up the vipers nest that has formed there since the Hussein Obama administration decided to throw Hosni Mubarak to the dogs).
Police sappers discovered the remnants of a Grad rocket fired at Eilat late Wednesday night. Residents reported hearing explosions in the city.

Large IDF and police forces were sweeping the city, looking for additional rockets and were focusing on the southern neighborhood of Shahmon, where the explosions were heard loudest. Bomb disposal units were taking part in the searches.

No casualties were reported in the attack, but a number of citizens suffered from shock and were treated by Magen David Adom paramedics.

Eilat District Police commander Ron Gertner said the southern city has been on high alert due to the upcoming Passover holiday.

Asked if the rocket was fired from Sinai, Gertner said: "Based on our working assumptions and the (rocket) range, yes."

Gertner added that Eilat has been reinforced with additional security forces who arrived to assist police in handling the aftermath of the rocket fire incident.
Well, yes, this has happened before. But the last time, they were less accurate (two landed in Jordan and two in the Red Sea, and we still had Mubarak who could be relied upon - at least somewhat - to clean it up.

YNet adds:
Reports of large explosions had security forces canvassing the city. The remnants of a grad rocket were eventually found on a residential construction site.

The defense establishment believes the fire emanated from Sinai. The police said that so far, no special security orders have been issued for residents and tourists.

One resident, Guy, said he heard three blasts and sirens blaring. Another resident reported hearing a loud blast shortly after midnight.

"The blast sounded like artillery fire because a second later we heard a distant explosion." Rafi reported hearing three major hits. "It didn't sound like firecrackers or anything else, it's a (rocket) hit, we heard a shrieking sound."
What should happen is that Israel should issue an ultimatum to the Egyptians: Either you clean up or we will send the IDF in to clean it up. But that would get in the way of Hussein Obama's reelection bid, wouldn't it?

What could go wrong?

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