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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let them starve!

'Palestinian' terrorists being held in Israeli jails have gone on a mass hunger strike in the hope of forcing the Israeli government to take their leaders out of isolation, grant them access to more TV channels, higher education and more. Eight flytilla 'activists' awaiting deportation have joined them.
Some 2,300 out of 4,500 Palestinian security prisoners said they will return all meals served on Tuesday. Half of them said they were on hunger strike until further notice.

The strike began on Palestinian Prisoner Day, after the IPS rejected the inmates' requests for various benefits. The inmates are demanding that their leaders be taken out of isolation, access to more TV channels, higher education and more.

The IPS addresses hunger strikes only after inmates have refused food for the second day in a row and in response clean their cells of various food items, TV screens, radios and hot plates.

The IPS is estimating that many of the prisoners will stop their hunger strike on Wednesday. A special team will be on contact with the protest leaders but the IPS stressed there will be no negotiations. The protest leaders declared this will be the most determined hunger strike in decades.
Two weeks ago, Israel exiled another 'Palestinian' hunger striker to Gaza rather than continue to hold her. And in February, an Islamic Jihad member ended a 66-day hunger strike after Israel agreed to release him... on April 17. Maybe we need to be a little tougher?

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At 3:34 PM, Blogger Matt said...

So does anyone fancy a sweep stake on how long they'll last before their tubby stomachs over-rule their principles? I'll give it two days.


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