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Monday, April 02, 2012

Land dispute in Hebron

Last week, a group of Jews from the Hebron area entered an abandoned house, which they claim to have bought from its 'Palestinian owners.' They have proof. On Sunday night, a group of 'Palestinians' and their Leftist Jewish cheerleaders entered another house in Hebron and barricaded themselves inside. Both houses are near the Machpeila Cave.
Security forces on Sunday evening detained two out of some 30 protesters who barricaded themselves inside an abandoned house near the Shavei Hebron yeshiva in Hebron.

The group, which included some 30 Palestinians and left wing activists, marched toward the Romano house, where the yeshiva is located, in protest of several dozen settlers who barricaded themselves in a Hebron house last week, claiming they purchased it from its Palestinian owner.

The settlers claim that they have all the legal documents attesting to the purchase of what has been dubbed the "Machpelah House."

Police and IDF forces encircled the barricaded house and declared it a restricted military zone. Shortly after, the protesters dispersed and police forces detained two activists.

"We broke into the house to expose the double standard of the Israeli legal system," said Issa Amar, one of the Palestinian activists who was arrested.

"On Thursday settlers took over a house in Hebron, but no one cleared them out. We weren’t armed – we entered the house legally," Amar noted, adding that the house used to be an IDF post, but is now standing empty.

Earlier on Sunday, the residents of the Machpelah House presented the Civil Administration with the deed of the house, which has to be approved by Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Likud ministers are scheduled to convene Monday in order to discuss the transaction.

"We are happy that they didn't leave the decision up to Barak, who is the one who forcefully evicted the house of peace. We hope that the deal will be approved tomorrow and we can celebrate Passover with the rest of Israel," said the residents of the Machpelah house.
For those who have forgotten Beit HaShalom (the House of Peace) in Hebron, go here, where you will even see video of the Arab being handed money by the Jewish purchasers. It didn't help. They were expelled from the house anyway.

P.S. Yes, I fell asleep on the computer last night.

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