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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keeping the goyim happy

Rabbi Dov Lior got it right. Commenting on Lieutenant Colonel Shalom Eisenman's predicament, Rabbi Lior said:
[T]he "hypocritical condemnations" of the incident are meant to "appease the nations of the world. Thus, they serve our enemies at home and abroad and deal a severe blow to the IDF."
At least the first part of that statement has been confirmed.
A diplomatic incident with Denmark over an IDF officer who slammed the face of a Danish protester with his M16 rifle on Saturday was averted by the IDF’s quick disciplinary action against the officer and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s immediate condemnation, diplomatic officials said Monday.

In a statement posted on the website of Denmark’s Foreign Ministry, Danish Foreign Minister Villy Sovndal said that “we do not yet know the circumstances surrounding the incident” and that Denmark’s ambassador to Israel Liselotte Kjærsgaard Plesner had “immediately asked the Israeli authorities for an explanation.”

“I can see that the soldier involved was immediately suspended and the matter is now being investigated,” Sovndal said.

Sovndal also noted that Netanyahu had condemned the incident.

“We must all condemn the use of force, which apparently has occurred against the demonstrators,” Sovndal said.
I guess they don't use force to put down riots in Denmark.

But here in Israel, if you block roads and threaten police officers, you will be pushed back. What's unusual about this incident is that the terror-sympathizer was hit with a rifle and not pushed back with an arm, and that in the one-minute video he does not appear to have provoked the officer, although he may have been provoking people for two hours before that.

But no, most people here would not issue such a blanket condemnation of the use of force to quell a riot.

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At 3:40 PM, Blogger Benyaminov Shamil said...

Hello Carl....how can we influence people who on top of Eisenman not to embarrass a great home hero but instead just ignore the whole thing amd tell him we support him and his soldiers..Thank you

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Well it doesn't make this goy happy.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger RobGinChicago said...

Mr. Prime Minister, why not crawl all the way up the collective butts of Western governments who hate you anyway, and invite the Dane and Lt. Col. Eisenman over for a beer? You don't have a rose garden?


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