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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keep milk fresh for 30 days

An Israeli company has developed innovative packaging that keeps milk fresh for up to 30 days (Hat Tip: William Daroff via Twitter).
Consumers in the U.S. and Europe could soon benefit from the fruits of an Israeli technology that can prevent microbacterial infestation of foods and beverages. Ness Ziona-based Oplon has signed an agreement with a large multinational food manufacturer for the development of packaging materials based on Oplon’s technology. The 3-year deal is worth $8 million, not including royalties that may accrue based on the products developed, the company said.

Oplon specializes in the development of materials that ward off the growth of bacteria on surfaces. The coatings use a special set of molecules that create an electrical charge, zapping bacteria. According to Oplon, the packaging can keep food germ-free for days — and even weeks — without refrigeration or preservatives. An open container of milk, the company says, will keep for 30 days without refrigeration, with regular pasteurized milk capable of having the shelf life and attributes of UHT milk. Water stored in Oplon containers will be disinfected, even if it is drawn from contaminated sources.
I wish they would sell some to Israeli manufacturers for Israeli consumers. The milk we bought for Passover has tasted sour for the last 2-3 days. Tonight, we finished it, and I went out and bought more milk, which we can only hope and pray won't be sour.

And you all thought the milk bags (pictured above) were 'neat.'

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At 12:11 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Great invention, what a blessing for mankind that Jews exist, no wonder you have so many Nobel prize winners.


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