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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Iran ♥'s Catherine Ashton

Iran is head over heels over European Foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. Why?

Well, here's a picture of Ashton with Iranian chief nuclear 'negotiator' Saeed Jalili in 2011.

When the meeting was reported in Iran, they photoshopped Ashton to look like this:

And here's how Ashton showed up in Istanbul for a meeting with Jalili this past weekend.

And the Iranians are thrilled.
"At first glance this may appear trivial or aimed at feeding the media, but this step is much more significant," a website associated with Iranian government official Mohsen Rezaee.

"It should be noted that according to international protocol, Ashton is not required to adhere to Iran's Islamist rules, especially when the talks were held in a third country with a different dress code. She showed she respects Iran's traditions and that it has paramount importance to her," the website said.
Next time, she could make everyone happy by just showing up in a niqab. Heh.

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At 4:05 PM, Blogger Matt said...

It should be noted that not having to look at Ashton's cleavage is a blessing, and we should be grateful to the Iranian modesty police for sparing us.

As usual, as a Briton and a European I feel that I should apologise on behalf of this woman who is an embarrassment to us all!

At 5:24 AM, Blogger Roy said...

funny ... but iran and israel are brothers. don't you remember airbrushing the women minister completely in the israeli papers 2-3 years ago ...


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