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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to stop Obama and Clinton from funding the 'Palestinians'

Andrew McCarthy has an idea about how Congress can try to stop the Obama-Clinton State Department from funding the 'Palestinian Authority.'
In sum, everything Obama is saying about Palestinian compliance is a lie. Even if we were not broke, we should not be giving the PA a dime. To borrow money so we can give it to them is truly nuts.

Will Congress do anything about it? There is a very simple answer to this: slash the executive branch’s budget. That is the weapon the framers gave Congress to rein in a corrupt, spendaholic executive branch. You could start with a treble damages rule: Obama gives $192 million to the PA against Congress’s directive, Congress responds by slashing $600 million out of the State Department’s budget. That would be start — though State would still have $51 billion left over to fund the Muslim Brotherhood and its other favorite Islamic supremacists.
Will Congress rise to the challenge? Read the whole thing.

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