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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here's a surprise: Google honors Israel Independence day

Well, here's a first. If you go to Google.co.il tonight (but not on Google US according to friends there), you will see the Google doodle above for Israel's Independence day.
Google has donned blue and white for Israel’s 64th birthday. Users of Google all over the world will notice some special decorations adorning the image of the company’s name as it appears on the search engine’s homepage.

Four cartoon children, all with different colored hair and what appears to be slightly different colors of skin — perhaps an allusion to the multi-racial makeup of the Jewish people and the state of Israel — appear on the page, happily hanging Israeli flags from the “G” to the “e” in the Google logo.

The modified logo is known as a “doodle,” and Google has modified it for special occasions frequently.

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