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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Heh.... 'Activists' protest at Paris DeGaulle against 'exclusion' from Israel

All is quiet at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport at this hour, but 'dozens' of 'activists' are protesting at Paris DeGaulle Airport against their 'exclusion' from Israel.
As hundreds of police officers are deployed at Ben Gurion Airport in order to prevent the entry of the "flytilla to Palestine" activists to Israel, in Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport's departures hall dozens of activists gathered on Sunday to protest their "exclusion" from Israel.

Some of the activists received notices alerting them to the fact that their flights to Israel had been cancelled while others managed to issue their boarding cards but are not sure they will be able to reach the Palestinian Authority. During the protest they called out: "Today the barrier is here" and "Israel get out, France is not yours."

The activists sought to make it clear that they were not operating against Israel, rather they were seeking to carry out a "pacifist action" and go to Bethlehem to see the situation with their own eyes.
Every country has the right to control entry into its borders. Let them fly directly to Bethlehem if that's what they want... without going through our airspace. Heh.



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