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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

France warns its citizens not to join Flytilla 2

Last week, I reported on a second 'flytilla' being planned by 'Palestinian' terror supporters for the week after Passover. Surprisingly, France is warning its citizens to stay away from the flytilla.
France urged pro-Palestinian activists, who plan to visit Bethlehem this month in solidarity for residents of the occupied West Bank, to avoid joining the operation given there was a high risk of being detained or turned back by Israeli authorities.

About 1,200 Palestinian supporters throughout Europe have bought plane tickets for the visit on April 15 to help open an international school and a museum at the request of a local organization called "Welcome to Palestine".

A similar, though smaller, operation last year led to a few hundred activists being blocked at European airports.

Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal said on Monday that while Paris wanted foreigners to travel freely to the West Bank, Israel had made it clear it would not allow anybody who threatened public order to enter the country.

"France is concerned by the risk of incidents ... as part of 'Welcome to Palestine' operation" he said. "For this reason, we advise our citizens to not take part in this initiative given the risk of being turned away or being detained."
I don't recall France being this concerned about the 'flytilla' last year. Maybe a little dose of terrorism has at least awakened France from its slumber and naiveite.


I did not fall asleep in front of the computer this time (for a change!), although I am fighting it off once again. I had a lot of work tonight, which I will not be able to finish until tomorrow. That's why you're seeing gaps of several hours in posting.

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