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Monday, April 23, 2012

Egypt refuses to license eight US pro-democracy NGO's

Egypt has refused to renew the licenses of eight United States NGO's that promote democracy, essentially ending their legal activity in the new 'democracy'(Hat Tip: Herb G).
The crackdown on foreign non-governmental organizations working in Egypt comes a month before presidential polls.

MENA said the Insurance and Social Affairs Ministry rejected the applications because their activities violated "the state's sovereignty on its lands".

The eight NGOs include the Carter Center, Seeds of Peace, Coptic Orphans, the Latter-day Saints Association and others.

Sanne van den Bergh, field office director of the Carter Center, which observed Egypt's parliamentary elections held between November and January, said the government had not yet contacted the group.

Negad al-Borai, a lawyer for Coptic Orphans said: "I do not understand how a charity group like the Coptic Orphans, which works with over 35 churches in Egypt to provide medical and social aid, was rejected."
As you might recall, in December, the Egyptians raided the offices of several NGO's, and arrested 43 foreigners including 16 Americans. American aid to Egypt was frozen and subsequently exchanged for the activists' release.

Aren't you glad we all supported 'democracy' in Egypt? Too bad that the real goal was to substitute one dictatorship for another. These savages wouldn't know democracy if it bit them in the face.

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