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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Apology to Professor Amiram Goldblum

In July 2008 I published in my blog site (IsraelMatzav) slandering information against Prof. Amiram Goldblum, wrongly attributing to him activity to bring back a convicted terrorist to continue his PhD studies at Hebrew University. The source for this false information was the journalist Amit Segal of Channel 2, after which Mr. Segal and Channel 2 were charged for slander by Prof. Goldblum and were forced to apologize by the court. I posted the information in English and added further wrong and harming information to Prof. Goldblum, who demands that I publicly apologize for the erroneous information.

I hereby apologize for harming Prof. Goldblum while it is clear to me now that all the details that I published about his actions and about him are wrong. I can only defend myself in being misled by Amit Segal and Channel 2 and in that since then I have not followed the matter and therefore missed the dramatic apology by Channel 2 to Prof. Goldblum in 2009. I deleted the original posting as part of my apology.

I am aware now that the Isracampus site still presents my blog claiming that I posted it, which I never did. Therefore, I demand that Prof. Plaut who runs that site should take off my posting immediately.



At 5:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, Professor Plaut does not "run" the IsraCampus site. He's just one of many people who contribute articles there.

At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know who Goldblum was until now. For the rest of us, he's some background on this leftist self-loathing Israeli:

The Israel Project: Amiram Goldblum

Knit, Madam Defarge, knit!


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