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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Will Clinton repudiate her 'consultant'?

I reported last week that one Kenneth Insley, who billed himself as a representative of the State Department, was present at the Doha Conference to 'save' Jerusalem. Now that we see what Mr. Insley had to say, perhaps Secretary of State Clinton can find the time to repudiate him. In fact, perhaps Prime Minister Netanyahu should raise the issue with President Obama this week as a test of Obama's bona fides in being pro-Israel.
Insley bills himself as a consultant to the U.S. government. His day job is director of public diplomacy at Capital Communications Group, an international consulting firm that has apparently gotten a government contract for coordinating visits for international delegations with various think tanks, congressional leaders, White House and other administration officials. But his main business seems to be promoting anti-Israel hatred. While ignoring Israel’s peace offers and Palestinian rejectionism and terror, Insley did not shy away from pandering to his audience’s appetite for slurs against Israel. After defending Jimmy Carter’s claim that Israel is an apartheid state, he denounced the efforts of some Jewish religious figures to urge people to marry within their faith:
Play this game with me: if you were to substitute the word “white” for “Jewish” and replace the word “Arab men” with “NIGGER,” then to most American ears, it sounds exactly like the pronouncements of racist segregationists in the 1950s and 60s in southern states like Georgia, which where Jimmy Carter is from. I think President Carter knows a thing or two about racial discrimination. And so should the Jewish people. … Perhaps it is understandable to be perceived as racist when you are considered by some to be “God’s chosen people.”
It may well be that Insley’s participation in this hate fest had nothing to do with the State Department. If so, the administration should say so and make sure Insley and his firm are no longer receiving taxpayer dollars for his highly objectionable activities.

I wonder what these creeps - who also attended the conference - thought of Mr. Insley's speech.

By the way, I understand that several bloggers, including Jonathan Tobin (whom I quoted above) have been threatened by Insley.

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