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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Vichy intellectuals

Giulio Meotti reports on the new generation of European intellectual anti-Semitism, which continues to exact a price in Jewish and Israeli blood. And you thought it was only the Muslims....
How many Western columnists had declared, before the Fogel massacre, that the Palestinians had the right to attack Itamar-like towns?

You have Tom Paulin, the Irish poet who recommended that “Brooklyn-born settlers be shot dead”. For good measure he added: “I never believed that Israel had the right to exist at all”. [It seems like a Nazi fantasy come true, but some renowned cultural icons have also spoken of removing any Israeli presence from academic institutions and terminating any scientific cooperation with Israel].

You have Zygmunt Bauman, one of the world’s most influential sociologists, who in a recent interview to the Polish weekly Politika, compared the Israeli anti-terror fence to the Warsaw Ghetto, from whence 400.000 innocent, peaceful Jews were deported to the Treblinka’s gas chambers.

You have the prominent French sociologist Edgar Morin, who dubbed Israel “a cancer”.

You have the German historian Ernst Nolte, who at the Italian Congress declared that “the only difference between Israel and the Third Reich is Auschwitz” and that “the liking for the Palestinians is more widespread than that one for the Holocaust’s victims”.

You find Swedish bestselling author Henning Mankell, who was part of pro-Hamas Flottilla, or the Italian historian Angelo D’Orsi, who only regrets that “maybe its too late” to reset Israel, because “the scandal is the very existence of that state”.

You have A.N. Wilson, a prominent British writer who “reluctantly” concluded Israel no longer has a right to exist.

This Judeophobic hegemony is exercised in newspapers, movies, magazines, books and cultural events. It stays around like artificial waste. Like plastic, it doesn’t disappear for generations. It’s like pollution.

Anti-Semitism no longer shocks people.

Our Western, Vichy-like intellectuals have much Israeli blood on their hands.
Read the whole thing - it will help you to understand why Jean Paul Sartre's picture is at the top of this post.



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