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Thursday, March 15, 2012

UN 'human rights council' finally finds something to investigate beside Israel

The UN 'human rights council' has finally found something to investigate beside Israel: Voter identification laws in the United States (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
This is really the last straw. It is time to get out of the United Nations: “UN rights council delves into US voter I.D. laws.”
The United Nations Human Rights Council is investigating the issue of American election laws at its gathering on minority rights in Geneva, Switzerland. This, despite the fact that some members of the council have only in the past several years allowed women to vote, and one member, Saudi Arabia, still bars women from the voting booth completely.

Officials from the NAACP are presenting their case against U.S. voter ID laws, arguing to the international diplomats that the requirements disenfranchise voters and suppress the minority vote.
That isn’t treason, but it is disloyal; disgracefully so.
The NAACP had scheduled two American citizens to present their claims at the U.N. panel who, the group says, worry they will be disenfranchised by the requirement to present a photo ID to vote.
This is hilarious, in a black comedy sort of way.
Read the whole thing. Oh - and do me a favor? PLEASE don't tell the UN 'human rights council' that here in Israel we need to present our government-issued ID's in order to vote in Israeli elections.


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At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canada requires photo ID to vote. I think the US is the only western democracy that doesn't.


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