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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Those oh so tolerant 'Palestinians'

The 'Palestinian Authority' has declared a Baptist church in Bethlehem 'illegitimate,' withdrawing its rights to document births and deaths and to consecrate marriages.
The church can still gather to pray, for now, but the PA’s decision conveyed on Saturday will have a real impact on the members of First Baptist, which endured numerous bomb attacks during the First Intifada.

“They said that our legitimacy as a church from a governmental point of view is not approved,” said Khoury’s son, Steven, who serves as an assistant pastor at First Baptist. “They said they will not recognize any legal paper work from our church. That includes birth certificates, wedding certificates and death certificates. Children are not even considered to be legitimate if they don’t have recognized paperwork.”

The irony, Steven said, is that the PA’s announcement comes right after the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference. This conference, which took place from March 5 through March 9, 2012 was a gathering of approximately 600 Evangelical Protestants from across the globe (mostly from the United States) to discuss the theology of Christian Zionism, which some Evangelicals believe increases the prospect of violence in the Middle East and gives support to Israeli policies that they do not like.

During the opening night of the conference, Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad told the assembly that his government respected the rights of Christians. Palestinians celebrate religious holidays together, PA officials attend Christmas celebrations and even attend Midnight Mass for Christmas, Fayyad said.

“This is what it means to be a Palestinian,” Fayyad said, adding that the PA feels a deep sense of responsibility for the holy places and will allow unfettered access to places of spiritual significance in areas under its control.

Nevertheless, there is a sense among Christians in Bethlehem that anti-Christian animus has gotten worse in the city over the past few years, Khoury said. “People are always telling them, ‘Convert to Islam. Convert to Islam. It’s the true and right religion.’”
Read the whole thing.

I'm sure that once there's a 'Palestinian state,' they'll no longer feel the need to oppress Christians like this... if there are any Christians left by then....

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At 1:02 AM, Blogger Moriah said...

First the Saturday people then the Sunday people...

At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awaiting boycott proposals from the American Episcopal Church which is, after all, nominally, well, Christian.

Ha ha, I kid!


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