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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There is one and only one effective answer to terror

Ten years ago on Thursday (on the Gregorian calendar, after more than 100 Israelis had been murdered by 'Palestinian' terrorists in the space of a month, the IDF gave the only effective response to 'Palestinian' terror: It used force against the terrorists in Operation Defensive Shield.
Ten years ago on Thursday, after terrorists killed more than 100 civilians in one month, the IDF launched Operation Defensive Shield, and sent its soldiers deep into West Bank cities and towns.

Palestinian gunmen set up ambushes in residential areas.

They killed 30 IDF soldiers, and wounded 127.

But Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organizations suffered greater casualties in Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, Kalkilya, Hebron and Tulkarm. The offensive began a turn-around that eventually succeeded in ending the second intifada’s deadliest wave of suicide terrorism.

“Unfortunately, this operation proved that the only way to stop terrorism is with force,” Rami Igra, a former senior Mossad official, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

“Before the operation, there was an explosion in Israel often. Afterward, it came to a stop,” he said.

Igra stressed that the construction of the West Bank security barrier, and the intelligence effort that came after the offensive, were as pivotal in ending suicide bomb attacks as Defensive Shield.

Ultimately, he argued, the offensive was a “clear slap to all those on the Israeli Left who believe in diplomatic means. More than anything, this symbolizes the differences in approach between us and the Palestinians.”

The cultural differences with radical Islamist elements are enormous, and the threat can only be dealt with using force, Igra said.

While Israel believes that it is possible to reach compromises, “de facto, this isn’t true from a Palestinian perspective,” he added.

Israel is forced to maneuver in a “game of violence, though this is not our wish,” he continued.

Operation Defense Shield succeeded in stemming terrorism from the West Bank, but it did not convince Palestinians to abandon the path of war and the notion that they can one day destroy Israel, Igra said, adding, “This has been a 100-year-old struggle.”
There's a lesson there not only for Israel's Left, buy also for the Left generally. The only effective answer to terrorism is force. It may be force in combination with other tactics, but without force, one cannot fight terror and without the deterrent threat of force once cannot control it once it is defeated.

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At 3:52 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

The issue I have with the Left (from way back to Vietnam) is that they want to not have the U.S. military (or the Israeli military, in your case) do anything to interfere in other countries, even if they are sending attacks against us. OK, say the nice public, we'll pull out the military and let you try the civilian way. But then, the Leftist civilians either won't engage (e.g., the State Dept people refusing to accept assignments in Iraq or Afghanistan or places in Africa) and the people in those countries are left to the slaughter. And when they do engage, they only seem to come up with aid trucks with bags of food thrown off (apparently demolishing some local food economies). They don't come up with establishment of a South Sudan to give them a chance (GWBush (Republican) did that). The ethics of the Left are that starvation, slaughter, etc. are just part of human life and are to be accepted. They scare me to the core... Vote them out! Top to bottom in all countries!


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