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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tahrir Square comes to Sheikh Jarrah

I'm sure you will all recall that around this time last year, CBS News reporter Lara Logan was sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square in Cairo. Some of you may even recall that in the past, I have raised the possibility that Rachel Corrie and other foreign pro-'Palestinian' activists who have come here to demonstrate have been sexually assaulted, and that sexual harassment claims by female activists are being silenced for the sake of the cause. The ad above - for the Hebrew-impaired it's a crude takeoff on porno flick Deep Throat which was issued as a protest against the deal made last week to move the revenants of Migron elsewhere in Samaria - has ticked off enough of the female activists that they're emerging from the shadows and making their complaints public (Hat Tip: MFS - The Other News).
This correspondence, along with other testimonies obtained by Haaretz, tells of a wider phenomenon of sexual harassment and assault of Israeli and foreign protesters in the West Bank. In the past two years, at least six incidents were recorded in the West Bank and East Jerusalem: two in Sheikh Jarrah, four more in the Mount Hebron area, in Masra, in Kfar a-Dik, and an alleged case of attempted rape in Umm Salmona, near Bethlehem, that was revealed in Haaretz.

Recently, a special forum was started by a group of women from leftist groups for the purpose of dealing and monitoring such incidents. “The objective is to learn the subject,” says one of the group’s members. “We want to develop tools and guidelines for creating an environment with fewer cases of harassment.”


One activist, who in the past used to frequent the protests in the West Bank but no longer participates, told Haaretz, “Two years ago we had a meeting of women who took part in the struggle against the occupation. It took place in an apartment in Jerusalem, and disturbing things were brought up. Nearly all the women that attended told of cases of harassment or discrimination. One of the women recounted how one night, in a tent set up to help Sheikh Jarrah families, someone tried to grab her. She shouted for help and Palestinians came and asked who it was so that they could ‘take care of him.’”

“A female foreign activist of the international solidarity movement that was sleeping in one of the Palestinian villages, where protests against the fence take place, said that one night someone entered her room and tried to grab her, she began to shout and one of her friends rushed to help her. Since then I don’t go to places I ‘shouldn’t’ go to alone, as a women,” she said.


The heated debate intensified lately after the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity movement posted a poster on its Facebook page. The poster, protesting the deal legitimizing the outpost Migron, features a jar of Vaseline with the caption reading ‘Deep Migron,’ a pun playing on the title of the pornographic film Deep Throat (‘garon’ is Hebrew for throat). The poster angered activists, almost as much as the incidents of sexual harassment.

One activist commented on the poster in her blog: “There will be more noise, they will take down the campaign, apologize again without understanding what they did wrong. As long as we continue coming on Fridays. Damn it, solidarity isn’t just with the Arabs. I can find places where no one cares what I think or feel even without going to East Jerusalem.”

“Honestly, I don’t care what you are doing to fight the occupation and how fast you bring about peace. I just don’t care.” The poster was removed following the criticism.
Arab Muslim men are Arab Muslim men and the 'Palestinians' are not a whole lot different than their Egyptian cousins. They're from a culture that uses and abuses women, and treats them as chattel. Unfortunately, the political Left doesn't appear to be a whole lot better. Their men also have problems relating to women. Read the whole thing.


Link added to last paragraph. This one too.

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At 1:53 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

I find it impossible to work up any outrage over this. Not only did they make their own somewhat informed decision, they participated in their own cover up and subsequent punishment. All in the name of their Jew hatred. As I've said before, Israel should NEVER stop these ijyuts from flotilla-ing their way to Gaza. Simply NEVER let them leave though.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Well, I read this Lara Logan interview a couple of months ago. This is what men are doing to women, and what the Obama administration is unleashing rather than trying to end. Women being literally ripped up from the inside. And all our women's lib people can come up with is to put a woman on U.S. national TV, begging for the public to pay for their birth control. A woman on U.S. national TV calling out for an end to systems allowing women to be ripped up.... NOPE! So the marcuse marxism is the goal of these "feministas", not a better life for the women out there being treated worse than goats. Vote out the Left!

(From the very end of the article linked below):

"What keeps her going, she said, is the people she’s met along the way. She thinks about the strength it has taken others to go on after their families have been massacred. Or those who live in countries where they can’t speak out at all.

She recalled one woman in Africa who was raped and disemboweled, who said she had to live because she wasn’t going to give her attackers everything."



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