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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sarah Palin in our future?

Here's a video that was posted this past week to the website SarahPac.com. I want you to watch this video and think about why this video is being posted now.

Let's go to the videotape.

I don't know if Sarah Palin is directly responsible for Sarahpac.com, but let's assume that this would not be posted without her consent. Is Sarah Palin running for President? I believe that she is, but not necessarily in 2012.

I think she is trying to establish herself as a power broker in the Republican party, and that she wants that to become her calling card rather than 'resigned as Governor of Alaska.' And I hope she succeeds, because she's one of the very few straight shooting politicians out there, and because she loves Israel.

While I believe that the upcoming election in the US is crucial, I also believe that regardless of what happens, the future of the Republican party in the US, with young leaders like Palin, Allen West and Marco Rubio, is bright.

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At 11:20 PM, Blogger Benyamin Korn said...

My Dear Matsav,
You are right that Mrs. Palin likes to keep her options open, and that the GOP has a number of young "stars", though none of her caliber of uncorruptability, vision and leadership.
But just this week she ruled out accepting another VP nomination, so it is anyone's guess how she would remain involved in US national politics.
The SarahPac video is certainly endorsed by her, and comes in response to an HBO hit job - out this week - on her stint as 2008 VP nominee.
It should also be clearly noted that Sarah's dedication to Israel is above and beyond any political calculation, as is her dedication to America's 'Judeo-Christian heritage,' of which she constantly speaks. That is why she is so often wearing her US-Israel flags pin, and even occasionally a silver Magen David. In interviews she refeds to Yudea v'shomron. On her visit to the Kotel with her husband, she called it "the touchstone of our faith."
Mrs. Palin is deeply worried, as are many of us, that Obama's re-election, Gd forbid, would usher in a very long period of American decline. The Progressive Nightmare being imposed upon our unwitting nation, with the help of so many of our foolish brethren, would not be just another left-right cycle of elections, but an era of darkness.
Let us pray for good news!
- Benyamin Korn, JewsForSarah.com


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