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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Israel's deputy ambassador scolds J Street to stunned silence

This is one video of J Street's conference that you will not find on the J Street website. To stunned silence, Israel's deputy ambassador Barukh Bina scolded the J Streeters and urged them to support Israel.
Audiences at the annual J Street conference in Washington on Monday were shocked when one of the event’s honorees, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC, Barukh Bina, stood at the podium and issued a respectful yet scathing criticism of the advocacy group’s policies. As he took the podium at the event's gala dinner, Binah received rapturous applause, according to the tweets of several conference-goers. However, as the tone and content of Binah's speech became more apparent, the crowd was stunned into silence.

The presence of a high-level diplomat at this year’s conference, entitled “Making History,” marks a significant shift in attitudes toward the organization. J Street, an advocacy organization that describes itself as “pro-Israel and pro-peace,” is known for its adversarial position toward Israel's traditional lobby in the U.S., AIPAC, which was largely vilified at this week's J Street conference. Last year’s conference was not attended by any Israeli diplomats, and two years ago only a junior embassy representative attended. This year, however, following speculations and consultations, the embassy decided to send Binah to the event, and he took advantage of his captive audience to deliver a harsh yet measured rebuke to the organization which official Israel sees as a less than constructive force.

“I come to you today not only as the second highest ranking Israeli diplomat in the U.S., but as a brother (and I have an extensive American family). We share your democratic values. But unlike your secure existence between these happy shores, an ocean apart from the bad guys, our borders are curved and dusty, and made of missiles and mayhem,” Binah said.

Addressing the prevalent view among American Jews who call themselves "Progressive Zionists" – a group that J Street purports to champion – that Israel's current government is steering Israel away from its democratic character, Binah told the gathering, "Nobody is perfect, and, as a seventh generation Israeli born I know full well what needs to be fixed in my own society. I salute those individuals and organizations working for grass-roots improvements within Israel, and I personally attempt these corrections every four years when I cast my vote. Sometimes I have it my way, and sometimes I do not. It is called democracy.

"We share your democratic values ... as we continue to face intolerable threats, we sometimes have to make decisions of life and death. We welcome the opinions of our brethren in the Diaspora, especially on issues of Jewish identity and pluralism, but at the end of the day, it is we, the Israelis, who must bear the ultimate burden and may have to pay the ultimate price. And we, dear friends and family, have no margins of error, none whatsoever.

"I understand that you, my friends, are all about future and hope. So are we, the young and most energetic country that we are. But while our view is towards the future, we dare not forget our past. History must not shackle us, but its lessons must guide us," Binah said.

Taking aim at various voices within the American Jewish community, as well as a growing theme among some American pundits, who think that the current Israeli government is abusing the memory of the Holocaust to point to the threat from Iran, Binah said, "And please, do not tell me that it is no longer relevant, because it is. (It is alive and scorching just like the trail left by an Israeli Air Force F-16, flown over Poland's valleys of death by the granddaughter of the commanders of a ghetto revolt. It is alive in ink on paper as long as a 12-year-old, an eighth generation Israeli born, dedicates her bat mitzvah book to 'members of my family whom I never met,' though nobody coached her in this direction."

Binah went on to issue a thinly veiled dig at the group, saying, “We need you to stand with us. It is as simple as that, and someone ought to say it. Internal activism is a central part of democratic society, but pressures on the elected government of Israel can present us with a problem, when we need you the most. Friends, I urge you to stand by our side as Americans, as members of your community, as Jews. For the sake of our forefathers and our future, we must keep our brotherhood strong."
Read the whole thing. If I find video, I will post it. Sounds like he gave those pompous a***s a good smack in the mouth. Zeir gut gezogt (very well said).

Omri Ceren points out (via Twitter) that this is not the first time that Binah has scolded J Street. Given that, I wonder why they agreed to have him. Heh.

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At 10:39 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

I wonder whether the Start Up Nation technology people would sit for a similar appeal from the flyover proletariat in the U.S. who will soon be cold, in the dark, without gainful work, etc. I'd ask them not take the printed deficit $billions from the marxists attempting to eliminate the energy production methods that compete with the new "Clean" "Sustainable" technologies. I'd ask them not to let the Obama juggernaut use their technologies as photo ops, when, in fact, those technologies cannot yet replace the quantity energy being yanked away from the U.S. people... Ugh. Anyway.


The plants in question have spent millions in the past few years to install scrubbers in compliance with the EPA, which scrubbers are now being labeled not in compliance. The utilities have spent all their money on the current scrubbers, and so WILL BE SHUT DOWN because they can't afford to re-do the scrubbers (after literally a couple of years in operation). Will Brightsource's solar panels replace ALL of this power? Right now? If I were in the Start Up Nation people's marketing dept, I'd tell you guys to not walk, but run away from these leftist cave people. Actually, the favored ones won't be left out in the cold and dark; it will be the poor.


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