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Saturday, March 03, 2012

'Israeli Arabs' rally to free murderers

In November 1980, IDF soldier Avi Bromberg was kidnapped and murdered near the Nahal training base in northern Israel. His body was thrown on the roadside. His kidnappers, who were Israeli Arabs from the village of 'Arah, were apprehended, tried and convicted.

As best I can tell, there were three 'Israeli Arabs' convicted of Bromberg's murder. One, Sami Younis, who was sentenced to life imprisonment (or perhaps, like the other two, death which was commuted), was released as part of the terrorists for Gilad exchange in October.

On Saturday night in Ararah, there was a rally for the two remaining murderers, demanding that they too be freed. Their families think 30 years is enough time in jail for murder. I am willing to agree if they bring Avi Bromberg back to life, compensate him for his pain and suffering and compensate his family for his being missing from their lives for the last 31+ years.
In 1983, Arara residents Maher and Kareem Younis were arrested and confessed to Bromberg's murder. Both were sentenced to death – a verdict later commuted to life imprisonment.

During the rally relatives of Maher and Kareem Younis leveled harsh criticism at Hamas, saying the Islamist group has "given up" on Arab-Israeli prisoners. "Hamas did not make an effort to free our imprisoned sons," Maher's mother said. "They (Hamas leaders) are living in palaces at the expense of our prisoners. They should know that Palestine is strong because of us."

Arab Knesset Member Jamal Zahalka (Balad) said the Arab-Israeli inmates should have been included in the prisoner exchange deal that secured Gilad Shalit's release from Hamas captivity. "I think 30 years in jail is enough. On the one hand the government says (the prisoners) are not Palestinian, so they should not be released under any (agreement), but on the other hand (the government) tells them they are not Israeli either.
It's a pity the death sentences weren't carried out in 1983. Perhaps they can be carried out now.

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