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Monday, March 19, 2012

Iron Dome heroics come to light

Some unreported heroics by the IDF soldiers who operate the Iron Dome anti-missile batteries can now come to light (Hat Tip: Mrs. Carl).
Ynet has learned that at the height of the system's activity last week, a technician successfully fixed a malfunction which enabled the system to intercept a rocket fired at Ashdod, while another operator extricated him from the area where the intercepting missiles are launched.

The technician, career officer Sergeant First Class Eli Zada, was sent early last week to fix a technical failure on the Iron Dome battery responsible for protecting the capital of the Negev. Moments after the he began to fix the faulty battery, a siren alerting that at least one Grad missile was making its way towards the city was sounded.

The technician didn't hesitate and instead of running for shelter remained in place to fix the problem, making sure the battery was battle-ready.

According to Air Force safety regulations, troops are not supposed to remain within dozens of meters of the Iron Dome battery when an intercepting missile is launched, due to the incredible heat levels and fire that it emits.

The technician realized he didn't have any time to escape and his friends who noticed his position shouted at him to run. One of them, Eliran Siso, got into an army jeep and raced towards the battery where he managed to pick up Zada, who just barely managed to leap into the jeep at the last minute.

Ultimately, the Iron Dome operators managed to intercept the Grad rocket which had been heading for Ashdod.

Zada had leapt into the jeep without first collecting his equipment, against army regulations. When he returned to the battery he noticed that there was nothing left and that the equipment had all melted from the heat of the intercepting missile.

Both Zada and Siso were lauded for their actions by senior Air Force officers who praised them for their actions in defending the residents of Ashdod and their comrades on the Iron dome battery.
I hope they at least get a medal for this. Unbelievable.

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At 10:01 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

I was deeply moved by Sergeant Zada's noble heroism. He stayed at his post, fixing the launcher, knowing that it could launch at any moment when fixed, so that it could launch at any moment to protect the lives of fellow Israeli men, women and children.

Thank God it didn't and the equally brave soldier, Eliran Siso, was able to save his life moments before the missile did launch. Launch and successfully intercept the terrorist missile, saving Israeli lives.

I agree with Carl, both men should be recognized and decorated for their gallantry.


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