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Sunday, March 11, 2012

In an earlier post, I reported on 'Palestinian' attacks on the Mount of Olives. On Saturday, a Jerusalem fire truck was attacked by 'Palestinian' stone throwers as the fire fighters attempted to put out a burning garbage bin on the Mount of Olives.
According to Jerusalem firefighter spokesman Asaf Abras, after a number of people started throwing rocks, the firefighters tried to reverse their direction but the “rain of stones” continued while a crowd formed at the scene.

Firefighters left the scene after the rocks smashed the windshield and other rocks damaged the sides of the firetruck. The firefighters filed a complaint of the incident with security forces.

Abras told The Jerusalem Post that when the security situation is unstable firefighters sometimes will face violence when responding to calls in east Jerusalem, including attempts to damage the firetrucks, puncture the tires, or attack firefighters.

In January, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Ahronovitch announced that Jerusalem police would open a new police station on the Mount of Olives with 25 police officers in mid-February. The police station will not open until the end of March at the earliest, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben- Ruby said on Saturday.

A recent Knesset hearing two weeks ago focused on the deteriorating security system at the Mount of Olives, which has seen a number of attacks in recent months.
Maybe the next time they should let a few 'Palestinian' homes burn down.

What could go wrong?

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