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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Good question

From here.

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At 10:47 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Right after Saudi Arabia runs out of oil.

(And the sooner Israel develops those wonderful massive fields of natural gas and shale oil, becomes a major energy exporter, the sooner their new Western market countries will find some latent integrity.)

At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Captain H,

You are one stupid bum,

That is not apartheid, the 5 mile ban within Mecca and Medina on non Muslims existed since the 1st Caliph banned them after the death of The Prophet. Nearly 1400 year old ban.

It existed long before the oil, and before even Saudi Arabia (a 100 year old country) existed.

The reason non Muslims are banned is because you have to be in a state of ritual purity to enter the holy sites. Only Muslims can attain that level.

It's the same reason Jews won't allow you onto the Temple Mount, at the end of the day, you're an idolator Captain H.


and Carl, don't by a hypocrite. Do you allow non Jews or even non Cohen Jews onto the holiest of holies on the Bait al Sulayman. No you don't. Do you call that apartheid?

The very black pitch black sooty pot calling the kettle black.

At 9:32 AM, Blogger B.L. said...

chayma, it is you are the stupid bum. you have posted an abundance of comments so ridiculously mind-numbingly stupid on carl's blog that i have witnessed but this comment of yours is so dishonest and revolting that it simply must be responded to. are you really trying to imply that this is the only apartheid in saudi arabia and that it "doesn't even count" because its only due to ritual purity laws? on the contrary, you know perfectly well that the entire country of saudi arabia is a religious apartheid state in which no religion other than islam is even allowed to be practiced. and lets not even get started on the topic of the revolting gender apartheid in that country that makes even the middle ages look like a human rights paradise for women.

and it is jews who get arrested for entering and praying on the temple mount these days, not the non jews. surprise surprise, this is because the temple mount is under muslim control, and islam is apartheid.

At 10:06 AM, Blogger ais cotten19 said...

Imagine a world in which an Arab government keeps all Arabs from praying at one of their holy sites, all the while providing police protection to any Jew who wished to visit and pray at that site. Can you imagine ANY country doing that? No, only Israel prevents its Jewish citizens from davening at our holy sites, all in the name of peace with our Muslim neighbors. Saudi Arabia on the other hand will execute a human being for the crime of blasphemy. In 2012.

Chayma, come and lie to us some more, tell us how the Muslims are exceedingly more tolerant and fair minded than the Israelis.

At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sigh, you are just like Captain H,

1st blooper:
In case you didn't notice the picture posted is the one that tells non Muslims to move over into lanes that do not lead where they are forbidden. Tha is the only part of Saudi Arabia that is not apartheid, because it's so for religious reasons. In any case, anybody can convert to Islam and attain that level of religious ritual purity required to enter the Holy sites there. Thus it is not apartheid. That system wasn't put there by the Saudi's. It was the first Caliph who did that.

2nd blooper:
The blog post did not talk about 'apartheid' in Saudi Arabia as in the whole country. I agree that there are apartheid policies in the country, but they are not Islamic. The Saudi system of apartheid only exists becuase it is PROPPED UP BY THE USA. It masquerades as a theocracy, but is tin pot dictatorships.

It will fall soon, as did Mubarak, all of these tin pot dictators will fall Inshallah.

The flaw in Captain H and your argument is that 1. you think it is Islamic, 2. it is not there by the will of the people, it's only there because of the US.

Thus the US is complicit in propping up unislamic corrupt tin pot dictatorships.


Chayma, come and lie to us some more, tell us how the Muslims are exceedingly more tolerant and fair minded than the Israelis.

this currenty system you are seeing in Muslim countries is not the norm, it never was. It was created by European colonials, 120 years ago. History records the tolerance of the Islamic empires, all of them. I don't need to educate you there.

They are falling before your eyes :)

As for your comparison to the Israeli's, you are comparing apples to oranges. Paneed was not comparing a tin pot dictatorship masquerading as a theocracy to a secular nation which does practice a form of apartheid. The occupation of the occupied territories.

In their own ways, both Israel and Saudi Arabia practice their own form of apartheid.

Are you telling me the Israelis will allow Christians into a newly built temple, i mean inside the temple itself if one is built? Will they allow Hindu's there? The Paneet guy who write this idiotic piece needs to be asked if Hindus will be allowed into the Temple, and if the answer is no, which it is, then will he be crying apartheid?

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is not Israel that prevents Jews from davening, your Rabbi's have declared the place off limits to Jews, thus the state complies.

If your Rabbi's hadn't done that, it's more than likely some kind of deal of sharing would have been reached, you should discuss that with your Rabbi's not with me.

By the way, the Temple Mount may be under Islamic control like it has been for longer than anyone else had it, but the reason for the 'apartheid' is not religious, it's political, anger about the occupation

End the occupation. Become a normal country and watch attitudes change.

At 7:14 PM, Blogger ais cotten19 said...

Chayma's lies this time:

It was created by European colonials.
No, Arab backwardness is not a western import. Arab backwardness is a result of the fact that Arab society has a 6th century mentality when it comes to social hierarchy and human rights, a model that "modern" Islamic societies are only too happy to follow while creating their own utopias today. And clearly these features are meant to spite western sensibilities, not to emulate them. Excellent lie.

They are falling before your eyes :)
You're implying that you're happy about the turmoil that the Arab world is going through at this time.

Are you telling me the Israelis will allow Christians into a newly built temple
Ah yes, proof of Jewish racism; the one "Jew only" synagogue in Israel, but it hasn't yet been built and currently doesn't exist. Also the plans for it don't exist either but we all secretly can't wait to build the world's first Jew only temple, you just keep telling yourself that.

the state complies
Implying that Israel restricts Jewish access because it is afraid of inflaming Jewish tensions (GREAT lie by the way). But no, our "extremists" don't really care too much if Jews pray at the holy sites in Hebron, Bethlehem,etc. Muslims on the other hand have regularly threatened a worldwide backlash in retaliation for a number of perceived abuses against Islam's various holy sites in Israel.

At 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The lies are yours. You keep shifting goalposts to avoid the elephant in the room.

You are putting words into my mouth, and saying things yourself then pretending that I said them.

I did not say some Middle Eastern states were backward. I only objected to the reason being labelled as Islam, but that was not even the subject. I could argue this from a religous angle but since you're not Muslim it won't make sense to you, this time of backwardness was foretold. It is temporary. Did you ever wonder why at our most backward period wealth still lies under Muslim feet? Who put it there? Most of the worlds mineral wealth is in Muslim countries.

God takes care of his 'best of creatures' (how God describes Muslims in the Quran :) even when they reject his law and live in sin and do what they shouldn't.

You exhibit a lot of ignorance about the Middle East, you're a classic victim of propoganda. It isn't as bad as you make out.

And don't shift goalposts. The subject of this blog was apartheid in Saudi Arabia and you compared it to Israel. Now you have to admit that both these countries practice apartheid. Or you're a hypocrite and have zero credence like the blog poster above. Saudi Arabia is not occupying nor oppressing a population against UN resolutions,

The point being both Saudi Arabia and Israel practice apartheid, and both are propped up by the USA, that is why the USA is on a downward spiral. The fruits of evil never prosper.

Now repeat after me:

The two apartheid states in the Middle East are Israel and to a lesser degree Saudi Arabia. Israel is an apartheid state because it occupies territory designated for a Palestinian state, and oppresses millions of Palestinians, yet claims to be a western style democracy. That is a lie. Saudi Arabia is not occupying territory according to UN resolutions, nor using their military against other countries to oppress. Moreover, Saudi Arabia doens't pretend to be a democracy. Israel is worse than Saudi Arabia in this respect.

Israel is not a democracy, it is a mix of an ethno democracy/theorcracy which is occupying territory. You cannot impose your religous views on others, thus the 'God gave Israel to Jews' is irrelevent. Why didn't your God put angels there to repel and kill anyone who set foot there? Your quarrel is with God, but you take it out on Palestinians.

Repeat that, and you will command some respect, and people will take you seriously.

The dicatorships in the Middle East won't last. They will fall, as was written. This time was foretold, exactly as is happening by The Prophet. But it won't last.

At 11:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


In a nutshell, the problem is this, if you want to talk about apartheid in Saudi Arabia the country, that's fine, but you can't use that picture above as an example of apartheid because it only applies to a five mile radius within Mecca and Medina, not the rest of the country, and it has always been there since the death of The Prophet.

The irony of all this is that The Prophet himself used to allow Book people into his Mosque in Medina. The ban wasn't put there by The Prophet, it was the first Caliph who did that. But that is another story and irrelevant here.

At 5:32 AM, Blogger ais cotten19 said...

Chayma, you are way out of your league here. When I fisked you those 4 times, and I imagined you might respond to my main points any number of ways. But you surprised me by ignoring each of my comments, which obviously means you agree with them. Therefore:

Chayma believes that the high level of "religious intolerance" in Saudi Arabia is a western import;

Chayma believes that all Jews secretly hope to build a temple that will, for the first time ever, exclude non-Jews.

Chayma wants us to believe that the Israeli government only restricts Jewish access to prayer sites because of Jewish objection, and not Muslim threats of marches and riots.

I only used your own words Chayma. You may not realize it but those 3 claims make you look like a brainwashed Muslim extremist, if I were you I'd at least make an attempt to refute these claims, rather than hoping we'll all be distracted by a new argument.



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