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Sunday, March 25, 2012

French English teacher asked for moment of silence... for Mohamed Merah

An English teacher in Rouen, in Northern France, called for a moment of silence in memory of terrorist Mohamed Merah on Thursday. Merah murdered Rabbi Yochanan Sandler and three small children in cold blood in Toulouse, in Southern France, earlier in the week (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
France's education minister called for disciplinary proceedings against a teacher in the north of France on Friday, after she allegedly asked her students to observe a moment's silence for serial killer Mohamed Merah, the man who gunned down three children and a rabbi in front of Jewish school in Toulouse earlier this week.

Students in the the French English teacher's class in Rouen wrote to their principal that she had called the serial killer a "victim," and said his links to al-Qaida were fabricated by the media and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to AFP.

The teacher's request prompted most of the students to empty out of the classroom, though some stayed behind to "try to understand what she was talking about," AFP reported according to their letter.

French Education Minister Luc Chatel has called for the teacher to be suspended for her request, which was made the day after police shot Merah dead in the south of France after he went on a killing spree.
This evening, Israel Radio reported that in Lille, France, local Muslim residents refused to stand for a moment of silence unless it included 'Palestinian' children who were killed in Gaza. Just like Catherine Ashton.

And Merah's older brother says he is 'proud' of Mohamed, and admits that he stole the scooter that Mohamed used. but Abdelkader Merah says that he did not know of his brother's intentions. Abdelkader Merah and his girlfriend have been taken to Paris for questioning by French police.

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