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Friday, March 23, 2012

Beinart's other sponsor

In an earlier post, I noted the withdrawal of support by the JCC of the East Bay from a forum at which Peter Beinart is scheduled to speak on April 17. In response, I got this in an email from Zev Jabotinsky (also known as Wrath of God to former LGF'ers).
I noticed in the "Beinart Ostracized" article that the JCC of the East Bay was withdrawing its sponsorship of the speech due to the so-called moderator.. That is great news, but that is only a portion of the real story here. The same statement states that said event was organized by KPFA.

You've been out of the U.S. for so long, I imagine that you don't know much about KPFA. They make Finklestein and Beinart look like Kahane & Dannon. Here is their personal site. They are part of the Pacifica Radio family (started by someone protesting U.S. involvement in WW2). Their link.

As part of the Pacifica Radio family, they are unmistakeably not in any way for open dialogue; they are unabashedly Anti-Israel; PERIOD! They are one of the most disgusting Anti-Israel (anti-Jewish; they used to have Rosanne Bar as a host for example who would talk about "jewish money" and "Jewish Government control" etc, almost daily, and she wasn't even the worst) The moderator being a JVP board member is actually the least of the JCC's worries, and from their perspective probably was moderate. Yes, Pacifica is actually that bad, or worse. Honestly, they make Peace-Now look moderate.

Pacifica blatantly calls for the destruction of Israel often. Along with their LA Affiliates "radio intifada" program, they have never a nice thing to say about Israel, ever. The would do well as Hamas' mouthpiece. I quick review of their site (or worse, listening to their stations) will make this point better than I ever could. On "palestine".

That any JCC would have anything to do with Pacifica Radio is beyond me. Here is something I wrote about it a long time ago.

The JCC should seriously question its own logic in having any connection in anyway with The Pacifica Network.
Hmmm. I haven't lived in the US in nearly 21 years and was not aware of any of this.

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At 4:55 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

A leftist political opportunist who, at best, can claim some kind of Jewish ancestry affiliated with a nearly psychotic further left than Trotsky organization which would happily consign all the Jews to the flames?

In other shocking news the sun rose today.


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