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Friday, March 16, 2012

Another 'Palestinian' lie exposed

The 'Palestinians' are finally admitting that an 8-year old boy whom they claimed was killed in an Israeli air strike was actually killed by 'Palestinian' gunfire during a funeral procession.
A Palestinian boy accidentally struck by a bullet when militants fired in the air during a funeral died of his injuries Wednesday, family members and witnesses said.

Palestinian health official Adham Abu Salmia initially said that 8-year-old Barka al-Mugrahbi died of wounds sustained in an Israeli airstrike on Monday.

Israel's military said it did not carry out a strike in the area then.

The boy's relatives and witnesses later said the boy was marching in a funeral procession for a Gaza militant when he was struck in the head by an errant bullet.

At the time, gunmen were firing in the air, they said.
What kind of moron fires a gun in the air during a funeral procession around children? The same kind that uses children as human shields as in the picture above (also taken on Wednesday).

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At 2:02 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

this is why atheists created the Darwin award, but they appear to have too much "faith" in the idea. The reality is that stupid people kill others and very rarely do we get to hear that they kill themselves. It does make for a nice internet meme though


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