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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Smart Jews: 77% of Israeli Jews won't travel to Turkey

Most Israelis won't even be tempted by the picture at the top of this post. That's because it was taken in Antalya, Turkey and 77% of Israeli Jews won't go there - even if the trip is paid for (Hat Tip: Joshua I).
The survey, conducted in late January, included 500 respondents that represent a statistical sample of Israel's adult Jewish population (maximal sampling error: 4.5%).

According to the survey, Turkey, once one of the most popular vacation spots, ranked as Israelis' least favorite destination.

Asked if they would travel to Turkey if the trip was already paid for, a whopping 77% answered they would not. Among those who answered affirmatively there was prominent representation to men, youngsters and seculars.
I sure hope that the Turkish Ministry of Tourism can attract enough Gazans to pick up the slack.




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