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Thursday, February 16, 2012

'Palestinians' use children's deaths for political purposes

You all probably didn't realize this, but I went to Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon (unfortunately, not for anything good). On the way home, I was listening to Israel Radio's 5:00 news digest, and even the leftist-dominated station was amazed at the blatant lying that the 'Palestinians' were using regarding a tragedy that happened on Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning, the 'Palestinian' village of Anata decided to send its Kindergarten children on a school trip, despite the rainy, windy, slippery conditions. Outside the Jewish town of Adam, on one of the most bizarre traffic circles I have ever seen, an Israeli truck (driven by an Israeli Arab) crashed into the bus, knocking the bus over into a ditch, where it flipped over and caught fire. While there is a lot of confusion as to exact numbers, it appears that there was one teacher killed and between 5 and 10 children killed. Just about every child on the bus was injured, many of them seriously. You can find summaries of what happened here and here.

It's important to note that the location where the accident took place is just a couple of hundred meters inside Area C - the area that is completely under Israeli control.

As you can see from the picture above, emergency responders from both the Jewish and Arab communities came out to help evacuate the wounded. But - as you can probably guess - the facilities at Israeli hospitals are much better than the facilities at 'Palestinian' hospitals, as often happens when you have a robust economy and slightly less corruption. Israel agreed to take every 'Palestinian' child to an Israeli hospital. But the 'Palestinian' Red Crescent (which did not need to adopt a bizarre new symbol to be admitted to the International Red Cross) insisted on taking several seriously injured children to hospitals in Ramallah. By the time these kids were transferred to Israeli hospitals, their conditions had deteriorated, and their lives are now in danger.

On Thursday afternoon, the 'Palestinian Health Minister' started complaining that they weren't allowed to treat people from Area C, and that Israel did not take the kids to Israeli hospitals right away. A little disingenuous, but quite typical of the way that the 'Palestinian Authority' (which is backing up the 'Health Minister') manipulates facts to make things seem like what they are not.

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At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt Carl, and his millions of kids were amongst these Israelis who were rejoicing in the deaths of these Palestinians, along with assortment of nazis, kooks, islamophobes, and other riff raff that proliferate like bad bacteria here, Only the lowest of the lowest scum post here,

Oh and for those who are rejoicing most notably amongst the apostates of Satan called nationalist religous and other fuckheads, likudniks, kahanists, fascists and the dreks of humanity

The curses of God will be upon you, when a Muslim dies the angels weep., and he who rejoices at the death of the Muslim is cursed.

Israelis Celebrate Death of Palestinian Children Killed in Accident

Israelis on Facebook were celebrating the deaths of the Palestinian children, writing derogatory statements on a wall of a news post regarding the accident.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Chayma I followed that link and all I saw was a very small screen-shot that was barely legible.

Please provide a link to the actual facebook page so that it can be verified.

PS you hate too easily. You should let more love into your heart. You would be much happier.

At 1:10 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Chayma, for you:


At 2:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The page on the Loon Watch article was from Al Akhbar, who got it from Facebook.

No doubt it was probably deleted after all the hoo ha,

In any event, it was probably Carl who put it up, and the hate posters rejoicing were his millions (or is it 8 or 8000, what's the difference?) of kids.

If you read the blog Carl wrote, he said he was doing something in Tel Aviv. My guess is that he plotted this, then got his myriads of kids (half the Israeli population) and his nazi, kahanist, likudniks, and other scum buddies to brag about it till Facebook deleted the page.


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