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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Netanyahu to visit Cyprus on Thursday

It's just a 30-minute flight away, but no Israeli Prime Minister has ever been there. That's about to change. Prime Minister Netanyahu will be visiting Cyprus on Thursday (Hat Tip: Joshua I).
Netanyahu’s trip shows the degree to which relations with Cyprus, which until four years ago was considered among the most hostile countries to Israel in Europe, have dramatically improved.

Now, one diplomatic official said, Cyprus is seen as an important regional partner for Israel, and together with Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, it is viewed as a part of a regional alliance serving to counterbalance Turkey. As was the case with Greece, Israel’s ties with Cyprus began to blossom as Jerusalem’s relationship with Turkey deteriorated over the last four years.

Jerusalem sees Cyprus – geographically the closest European country to Israel – as a possible bridge to Europe, especially in regard to energy issues.

Energy, and possible cooperation on developing natural gas deposits in each country’s exclusive economic zones in the eastern Mediterranean, is expected to be among Netanyahu’s main topics of discussion during his visit.
There will be some seething Muslims in Ankara on Thursday. Heh.

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