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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Eight-State solution

Bar Ilan University Professor Mordechai Keidar thinks that the way to solve the Israeli-'Palestinian' dispute is an eight-state solution.
On his website The Eight State Solution Dr. Kedar states, “Tribalism, which may be understood as ‘loyalty of individuals and groups to a traditional framework, such as a clan, sect, ethnic or religious subgroup’, is often thought of as a primitive institution which is awkward with respect to the modern world. In reality, it forms the basis of much of the social structure of the Arab and Islamic world. It has been noted that tribal or family alliances endure intact even after tribal territory has been incorporated into a state system, or after the imposition of an alien political structure. Recognizing this fact, it is pragmatic to examine the possibility of using tribal structures to formulate a political solution to the dilemma of state building for the Palestinians.” [My emphasis]

The Eight State Solution (pictured left) involves making the seven major cities in the West Bank (pictured above) and Gaza independent city states within the state of Israel. Israel would commit to give each of these city states the powers of self-governance and autonomy. In exchange Israel would control both the West Bank and Gaza and provide economic support and ensure the security of the areas surrounding these eight states. The eight city states are based upon tribal loyalties that already exist. The Eight State Solution takes advantage of the realities on the ground. According to Dr. Kedar, “The benefits would be many: The stability and ease of domestic tensions within Islamic societies, and the enhancement of the economy, employment opportunities, broadening of education, public health advancement and stable state infrastructure would all potentially arise from this arrangement, to the betterment of Islamic society, all while using traditional governmental and social structures. Obviously, utilizing the concept of tribalism is not the sole or complete solution to the problems of the region, but, at the same time, recognizing tribalism for the power it does have is essential.”

Professor Keidar also says that Israel should not attack Iran - but that the US should. Read the whole thing.

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