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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Barrage of rockets hits southern Israel

A barrage of seven Kassam rockets hit southern Israel on Wednesday night. Fortunately, all of them landed in open areas, but that's not the whole story if you have to keep running for cover.
Rina Mor-Yosef from Sderot said, "We had guests from Yavne and Ashkelon. Suddenly we heard a Color Red alarm and the ever familiar shrieking sound. We went down to the fortified room and heard some blasts. When we cam out we immediately had to go back down. Our guests said they didn’t understand how we could live like this, but this has been our way of life some years now."
Would you want to live like that?

It also seems that Iron Dome - the less-than-perfect, short-range anti-rocket system has another flaw they forgot to tell us about: It doesn't operate well in bad weather. It's been raining here most of the week (not right now), including last night.

What could go wrong?

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