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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Obama-linked think tank under fire for anti-Semitism

Those of you who don't live in the US may not be familiar with the Center for American Progress (CAP). It's an influential think tank that has a lot of influence in the Obama administration. I know it mostly from Twitter, where I follow some of its staffers and where at least one of them follows me.

Lately, CAP has been under attack for anti-Semitism. It's a controversy I mentioned here, here and here. As more people take notice, the controversy is reaching the White House. You can find a summary of it here.

There is a pretty good working definition of anti-Semitism here.

Are they guilty of anti-Semitism? I think they are.

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At 10:53 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Of course it's antisemitic. Obama is antisemitic and will spend a great deal of his lame duck presidency to obliterating Israel. He isn't even trying to hide very well any more.

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are they guilty of anti-Semitism? I think they are.

Your thinking is misguided. Centre for American Progress are not guilty of anti-semitism. This smear campaign against CAP is ridiculous. It was about the term 'Israel Firsters' being anti-semitic. But CAP's Ben Ambruster wrote about Andrew Adler’s recommendation that Mossad should assassinate Obama, proving that ‘Israel firsters’ exist, :

NJDC Condemns Editorial Suggesting That Israel Assassinate President Obama
By Ben Armbruster on Jan 20, 2012

Adler says, “Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?”


Adler told the Guardian that he deeply regrets writing the column suggesting that Israel assassinate Obama. It seems that Adler isn’t remorseful about suggesting that the president be assassinated, but that his readers might think Israel actually will do it:

Since then the US Secret Service, has confirmed that they are looking into Adler’s threats. Yossi Gurvitz too, says that the CAP centre were right, and are not anti-semitic in suggesting ’Israel Firsters’ exist.

U.S. publisher who called for Obama assassination proves ‘Israel-firsters’ exist

+972 Magazine by Yossi Gurvitz

However, Adler did prove a point, albeit not one he intended: He showed us that there are, in fact, American Jews who are “Israel-firsters”, that is, people who put the interests of Israel ahead of their own country. In Adler’s case, to the point of supporting the assassination of his own duly-elected president – which skirts very closely to treason.

The fact that there is a debate on this issue – that such people exist – is silly to the extreme and assumes we are people with no sense of history. To put it in one word: Pollard. In two: AIPAC espionage. But we seem to be having just such a debate.

The usual suspects – the ADL and Jeffrey Goldberg, among others – have been whining for some time about the use of “Israel-firster” by a former Center for American Progress staffer. It is worth bearing in mind that this is the second time in a short while that neo-cons have tried to paint CAP as an anti-Semitic organization: Last month, former AIPAC spokesman Josh Block tried to stir a secret smear campaign against Matt Duss, a CAP staffer, trying to make him out to be an anti-Semite. Block’s plan was exposed and backfired; We have to wonder, though, if this is phase two of the same plan. (Full disclosure: Matt Duss is a friend, he had nothing to do with the whole “Israel firster” mess, and I’ve been feted by CAP on several occasions).

CAP certainly has good taste!

Yossi Gurvitz would be a wonderful addition to their team :)

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

The way you can tell that "Israel Firster" expresses anti-semetism is to look at the difference... When the Kennedy family stayed involved in Ireland's affairs, now resulting in Ireland having gained a leg-up over the rest of the world in garnering high tech investment (although the EU unelelcted directors are trying to demolish that trend), there was not any pegging of the Kennedys and other NE Dems as "Ireland Firster"s. One of the Kennedy daughters even married an IRA guy. Or the Asian people who come to the U.S. for their education, etc. and take back with them the expertise, if not stolen intellectual property, to compete in the world economy (or successfully launch rockets and have a space program). Are they called "China Firsters"? or "Japan Firsters"? or "Korea Firsters"? or even "U.K. Firsters"? Never a peep. So WTF! It is anti-semetism. No question. Disgusting that so many U.S. Jews are funding and participating in the destruction of the places where they can live in peace. Ugh.

At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are comparing apples to oranages.

Neither Ireland nor Japan or Korea are occupying land against UN resolutions.

The Israel Firster label exists because those Israel Firsters are complicit in a crime. See what i posted above. Obama opposes the occupation, and he was threatened by an Israel Firster.

That is Treason.

The Kennedy daughter marrying an IRA guy is NOT the same, because Ireland isn't propping up an occupation. Nor is UK, nor Korea, nor Japan, the USA is complicit in propping up an occupation. Now that Obama and the Deomocrats seek to end that, he is a target for assassination by the likes of Adler.

At 6:57 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

I wonder how loud the Obamatrons will call for incarceration in 'camps' of all the 'suspiciously disloyal Jews' come January 2013? You know that's coming, we're just debating how up front they'll be about it. Lest we forget that in Jan 2009 the so called progressive wing of the Democratic party openly called for 'purges' of the Democratic party of everyone who wasn't a glint eyed Obamabot.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

The IRA was bombing our friends the Brits. The Brits were accused of "occupying" parts of Ireland. What are you talking about. People in the U.S. were supporting both sides of that, including the Kennedys, and were not called Ireland Firsters or England Firsters. Sirhan Sirhan actually did slaghter a President's brother and Presidential candidate. No one called people who supported his organizations Whoever Firsters. Puh-leeeze.

Of course, I know the way the Left wins is not through reason or good new ideas, but by trying to delete history or change history (or flat out lie) or forget the millions killed with these tyrannical approaches.


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