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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More than 4,000 Americans died so a democratic Iraq could help Iran beat sanctions

This is an even more infuriating piece of news than the last post I did on Iraq. More than 4,000 Americans gave their lives so that a democratic Iraq could help Iran beat international sanctions by launching a joint shipping line (Hat Tip: Will).
Iran and Iraq reached an agreement on launching a joint shipping line to enhance their marine cooperation, Managing-Director of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) Seyed Ataollah Sadr announced on Sunday.

Speaking to FNA, Sadr underlined that launching a joint shipping line between Iran and Iraq will provide the ground for both countries' private companies to set up a joint company to increase their cooperation.

"Iran can have desirable cooperation in maritime and port fields with the friendly and brotherly country of Iraq," he added.

Sadr also expressed the hope that Tehran and Baghdad would activate a joint committee in the near future for maritime cooperation.
And since there are no international sanctions in effect against Iraq anymore....

Aren't you glad Obama didn't let the American troops finish the job? What could go wrong?

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