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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look who's warning about another Holocaust

And you thought it was only 'hysterical Jews' who worry about another Holocaust.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Jack W).




At 6:32 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hmmmm......The holocaust happened because of people like us who did not act in time".
What will you answer when your grandchildren ask "Where and what were you doing grandpa when this happened"?

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Findalis said...

The Holocaust happened because Christians let it happen.

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are we forced to listen to videos. It should our choice if we want to listen/watch them or not.

they should not be forced on us as soon as we arrive here

At 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well you cannot blame Islam here, America is a Christian nation, let's see how you fascists spin this. What is this? chickens coming home to roost? sounds like divine justice for the likes of ShyGuy,

I am so looking forward to seeing how your Geert Wilders and Robert Spencers and Debiie Schlussul, Pam Gellers and other hags and whores like Bat Yeor, David Yarushlmi, Caroline Glick, and the rest of the national religioous islamoophboic zionist crowd save you

As for the lies that your Islamophobic buddies spread, blaming Chrisitian anti semitism on European Muslims, French anti semitism is blamed on French Muslims, when it's worst perpetrators are the native Christians, same in Scandinavia, and UK, and Spain, and Italy,

and which I myself have often rebutted here,
here is an eyeopener,

90% of Anti-Semitic Crimes in Germany Committed by Right-Wing Extremists

Horowitz tool Robert Spencer and his right-wing buddies, Bat Yeor, Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, etc. have attempted to create a narrative that Muslim immigrants and their children are responsible for most, if not all “anti-Semitic crimes” in Europe. We have shown in the past that this is false, and the below article asserts that it is actually “right-wing extremists” who commit most anti-Semitic crimes–upwards to 90%.

The article also reveals that about 20% of Germans harbor some form of anti-Semitism:

At 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You only get what you deserve,

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Rocky2 said...

(Thanks, Carl. Saw this on the net.)

Islam will "purify" Jews and Christians !

Islam, part of the Living River of History, can affect even the 2012 US election!
The "headwaters" of this River was Adam, according to Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc .
In the OT (Deut. 28), "tributaries" wanting to join the River will be blessed while "distributaries" who want to flow away from it will be cursed. Those wishing to totally separate from the fresh Living River will end up as polluted, dying "oxbow lakes."
In the OT we see Israelites repeatedly flowing away from God, then repenting and returning to Him; we also see heathen "oxbow lakes" creating their own "gods" and being allowed by God to plunder and kill the erring Israelites.
Then, at the right time, the Living River took on new life with the arrival of the Promised One who offers "living water."
In the 7th century Islam, drawing from both OT and NT, chose to be a distributary away from this River. Many scholars have viewed it as the final Antichrist: note "scourge" (Isa. 28), "Assyrian" (Mic. 5), "Euphrates" (Rev. 9) etc.
God will allow this "scourge" to temporarily persecute and even kill apostate Jews (JINOs) and Christians (CINOs). Jews, especially in "entertainment," seem more expert in apostasy than Christians since Jews have been at it 2000 years longer than Christians have - but Christians apparently want to catch up to the Jews!
It's apparent that others will join Islam in its end-time inquisition; its great oil wealth can captivate many leaders and already we are seeing apostate American leaders being bribed into turning against true American patriots.
Those who ignore (or try to dilute or destroy) the God-ordained Living River of History will be swept down it to an ocean made by their own never-ending tears of agony and despair.
The good news is that American JINOs & CINOs can overcome the "scourge" discussed above. The secret is found by checking out "II Chronicles 7:14" & "John 3:16" on the web. And there's still time - and freedom - before the 2012 "End of America" election to Google or Yahoo "Pretrib Rapture Politics."

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Look at your thousands of false prophecies, (some even last year) and tell me why your Armeggedon cult numbers followers who are the poorest and most ignorant on the planet? And tell me why everything you touch is cursed and fails? Nothing your cult ever tried to do or achieve materialised. No wonder so many Evangelicals are leaving your religion.

Over 200 predictions and counting!
Yes the end is coming, but all human predictions are wrong!
Note from www.bible.ca: False prophet Harold Camping last predicted the end of the world in 1994. Camping is now predicting May 21, 2011 at exactly 6pm (sunset in Jerusalem). Camping must quit preaching forever on May 22, 2011, as an act of repentance for speaking where the Bible is silent! He should also dismantle his multi-million dollar empire and donate the money to ministries like this one, which correctly identified Camping as a false teacher in advance. And why not? Bible.ca which teaches truth has never asked for donations from the public, while false prophets like Harold Camping have solicited hundreds of millions of dollars. Herald's last broadcast should be proclaiming himself a false teacher, after which he turns off the broadcast switch and liquidates his satanic empire and donates the proceeds to those churches who exposed his heresy.

We will be on location in Jerusalem to expose Rapture theology as false and anti-biblical.

Date setters, making irresponsible predictions! Misleading the ignorant masses for higher TV ratings and book sales!

An untold number of people have tried to predict the Lord's return by using elaborate time tables.


46 failed end-of-the-world predictions that were to occur between 30 & 1920 CE, but didn't.

The second coming of Jesus Christ -- his anticipated return to earth after almost two millennia.
The war of Armageddon -- a massive battle in Israel.
The arrival on earth of the Antichrist, an evil political, military leader.
The Tribulation, a seven year interval of great suffering and death.
The Rapture, when Christians who have been born again -- both living and dead -- will rise into the sky towards Jesus.
Some horrendous natural disaster(s).

It is worth noting that all of the following predictions have failed. We expect that all of the doomsday predictions about our future will also fail.

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The good news is that American JINOs & CINOs can overcome the "scourge" discussed above.

You mean those Christians who do not support Israel conditionally? You're a hypocrite. Your rapture depends on Jews burning and Israel turning Christian, so instead of pogroms and Holocausts you use your fake support, funds to missionise, and those Christians who don't share your rapture theology are called CINO's.

As for JINO's, do you mean Penina Taylor? an ex Christian convert who now spends her time warning about condtional supporters like you? Or do you mean Max Blumenthal who exposes your fake agenda for the fraud it is? Oh but they represent the majority.

By the way, does JINO include Carl? Because he won't disagree with Max Blumenthal or Penina Taylor, or Rabbi Tovia Singer below...

Tell him Carl...even though you're one of those kapos who keeps a discreet silence for Rocky2 type conditional support for the settlements (after all Jerusalem is considered a settlement :)
you are a JINO ultimately I mean JINO as Rocky2 defines ;)


Meet the Evangelical Zionists
And of course, given that the beliefs of many of these Evangelical Zionists are that at the time of "Armageddon" all the Jews will either become converted to Christianity or get consumed by fire, there are many Jewish Americans who are still fairly wary about the Evangelicals' strong support for Israel.

The game plan for these Evangelicals (as also laid out lovingly in their extremely well-selling though in practice almost unreadable novels about "the End Time") is that first, the Jewish people all need to be "ingathered" into Israel, and then soon after there will be "Armageddon" and the "Second Coming." And along the way there, there'll be great fighting against "Babylon" (or Baghdad) and perhaps even some nuclear war...


Doomed to Extinction

By Penina Taylor
The Christian preoccupation with converting Jews and making Israel a Christian state is about much more than just a difference of religious opinion, and even about who is our friend, its about the validity of Judaism and the continued existence of a truly Jewish State called, “Israel”. Don’t let statements to the contrary fool you. When an Evangelical Christian says that of course Israel must remain Jewish, they mean that it must be Messianic Jewish.

These are dangerous waters we are treading in and although on the surface a so-called Judeo-Christian party in the Knesset may sound like it would be good for the State of Israel, the truth is that such a party in Israel would mark the beginning of the extinction of the traditional Jew.

Max blumenthal

Did Tim LaHaye Just Call Israelis "Not-To-Be-Trusted Yids?"
If Israel is not useful to rapture-ready evangelicals, it might as well not exist.

by Rabbi Tovia Singer

Christians have always understood this statement to have one meaning: Jesus will not make his second coming until the Jews are converted.

The Jews, therefore, are holding up the show.

Fundamentalist Christians also believe that Jesus is going to make his second coming in or about the year 2000 (counting from Jesus' birth); therefore, the Jews must be converted by then, en masse, in order to enable Jesus to return.

At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews, especially in "entertainment," seem more expert in apostasy than Christians since Jews have been at it 2000 years longer than Christians have

The pagan idolator Rocky2 doesn't realise, even those Jews in 'entertainment' if they are purely Monotheistic, they respect the 1st Commandment.

Something that Rocky2 type do not do, with their man god, and trinity. If you fall short on the 1st Commandment, every other commandment is meaningless.

Carl the Kapo cannot even recognise the anti semite, or if he did, he would speak up if he really were an 'orthodox' Jew as opposed to the cheap kapo prostitute he is.


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