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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Like father, like son: A cheap populist

Now that he's a politician and not a television host, Yair Lapid is sounding more and more like his hate-filled populist father Tommy.
In the column, excerpts of which were obtained by The Jerusalem Post, Lapid explained why he quit his job as anchorman of the Channel 2 news-magazine Ulpan Shishi and entered politics on Sunday. He wrote that his goal was to represent the middle-class and prevent their money from being taken by settlers, tycoons, and the government - but mostly the haredim.

“Israel has been enslaved for many years by members of a shameless, extortionist, special interest group - some of whom aren't even Zionist - who take advantage of our twisted political system to steal the money of the working class,” Lapid wrote.

Acknowledging that it would disappoint many of his supporters, he said he would make an effort to refrain from attacks on the haredim, because it would play into the the hands of Shas.

“I have no interest in hating Jews, just in dividing the resources better,” he wrote. “I think haredi children must learn the core curriculum and their parents should work. I believe that there are many haredim who agree and would be happy to find out that there is someone who will struggle against the extremist rabbis and hacks who embitter their lives.”

In his attack on the settlers he said the middle-class's money can also be found in “settlements that look like Switzerland, which have roads leading to them that are better than Switzerland.”

Lapid said his first campaign sticker would say “Where is the money.” He said he was writing a platform on key issues, including the conflict with the Palestinians, socioeconomic issues, and the need for a constitution.
One of the more disgusting features about the Israeli political system is the way that careers can be advanced by pure hatred. Imagine what would happen to an American politician who attacked whites, blacks, Jews, Native Americans or Puerto Ricans because of who they are. Of course, you can't imagine that, because they'd be out of politics faster than you can say "Cynthia McKinney." But in Israel that kind of behavior is considered an acceptable norm. We should hang our heads in shame.

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At 12:40 AM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

The key he jumped ship is to avoid what some specifically call the pending "Lapid law" which would put a 1 year grace period between shuttling between media and government and back again.


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