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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Knesset to investigate Lapid's use of Vitamin P

Every Israeli knows what Vitamin P is. Vitamin P is protectzia. The latest and most public instance of the use of protectzia in Israel is Yair Lapid's acceptance into a PhD program at state-funded Bar Ilan University (ironically, the university that I've heard many people claim is 'more religious' and a 'better environment' for religious Jewish Israelis than Hebrew U, because it has fewer Leftists and Arabs), without so much as a high school matriculation certificate (there are no real high school diplomas here - either you pass the matriculation exams or you don't).

But because Lapid is someone that an awful lot of parties in the Knesset would like to exclude, Lapid's acceptance to the program is going to be scrutinized by the Knesset. Yes, Tommy, there are downsides to being so popular and well-connected.
The Knesset Education Committee plans to investigate television personality turned politician Yair Lapid's acceptance into Bar Ilan University's doctoral program for hermeneutics, in a televised meeting on Monday.

Lapid does not have a Bagrut (high school matriculation) certificate, nor did he complete B.A. studies.

The Bar-Ilan University website explains that the hermeneutics program, which combines master's and doctoral studies, is "meant for students who completed their bachelor's degrees with honors."

When asked on his Facebook page about his acceptance to the doctoral program, Lapid wrote: "Think about what a compliment this is. After all of the investigations on me, they could not find anything, and had to make up a story."

Last week, the Council for Higher Education announced that it would investigate Lapid's acceptance to the program.
He doesn't deserve to be in the program, and they all would probably do the same thing he is doing if given the opportunity.

Unfortunately, you don't need a bagrut (matriculation certificate) to become a member of the Knesset, and that's reflected in the body's general lack of intelligence.

And you thought Jews were smart....

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