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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Iran claims to successfully test nuclear fuel rods

Yes, I've been away for much of the day.

Iran has announced that it has successfully tested nuclear fuel rods.
Iran's atomic energy agency's website said the first domestically made rod has already been inserted into the core of Tehran's research nuclear reactor. The Islamic Republic News Agency said this was the first time the reactor was used to test nuclear fuel.

The small research reactor in Tehran was built in 1967 with US assistance. It was shut down following the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and later reopened. According to the Iranians, the tests conducted there are aimed at producing medicines for terminal diseases such as cancer.

It's unclear if the rod contained pellets or was inserted empty, as part of a test.

The West fears Iran's uranium enrichment program is geared toward making atomic weapons - a charge Tehran denies.
What does it mean? Well, first you have to assume that Iran is not lying and then....
Western analysts say Iran sometimes exaggerates its nuclear advances to gain leverage in its stand-off with the West.

In April, Iran's Atomic Energy Organization announced that the installation of the machinery needed for producing nuclear fuel plates had started. The nuclear plant for converting enriched nuclear fuel into fuel rods was inaugurated in 2009.

"Currently, the rod is also undergoing rays at Tehran's Research Reactor to examine its long-term performance, Iran's English language Press TV reported.

Iran says only a few countries are capable of making both the fuel "plates", used in the Tehran reactor, and nuclear fuel rods, which are used in power stations.
Let's say that if it's true, it's not good news.



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