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Monday, January 16, 2012

Hamas war plans uploaded online

Parts of Hamas' war plans against Israel were briefly uploaded online last week, dispelling the notion that the current relative calm in the Gaza border area is anything other than temporary.
Last Wednesday, a document by the Izz al-Din al-Qassam's military intelligence department was uploaded online. Titled "List of surrounding kibbutzim," the document provides a detailede intelligence survey of kibbutzim and communities in the Gaza vicinity area. The list was removed hours after it was leaked.

The document lists the communities situated up to 6 km from the Gaza Strip – a range within the capacity of the simplest Qassam missiles. "The kibbutzim are an agricultural and industrial center which serves the IDF," the document noted. "Hurting them will hurt the IDF – and such actions have already resulted in a repositioning of military units."

Each community listed in the document has a special file which includes details such as distance from the border, the number of residents and more. The files also contains aerial photos of the communities in which the locations of commercial centers, agricultural plots and even military facilities are marked. They even inlcude telephone numbers and email addresses of the various position-holders in each community.

It appears that the intelligence is mainly based on internet information.
Peace is not at hand.

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