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Monday, January 16, 2012

El Al and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange websites hacked

The websites of El Al Israel Airlines, our national carrier, and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, were hacked on Monday morning - apparently by a Saudi hacker who exposed credit card numbers last week. Israel Radio is reporting that the Stock Exchange site is not down, but is operating quite slowly, but that El Al's site is still down as of 1:00 pm.
The prominent hacker 0xOmar, who has been at the forefront of an Internet assault on Israel, and who released tens of thousands of Israeli credit card numbers last month, sent an email to The Jerusalem Post before the attack.

He said he had been joined by a hacking team called "Nightmare." The new group "promised to take down" the two websites by morning, he added.

El Al released a statement saying it was aware that "a cyber war has been waged against the State of Israel for two weeks. El Al is closely monitoring the activities of the Saudi hacker [0xOmar]." El Al said steps being taken to fortify its official website "could cause disruptions to the website's activities." Both websites supply key information to members of the public, and their attack represents an escalation in the web war being waged against Israel.
Thus far, the only response from Israel has been in kind.
Pro-Israeli hacker Hannibal, who claims that he is a “Jew who lives somewhere in the world,” published early Monday the Facebook account details of some 20,000 Arab users. He also claimed to possess information that can be used to breach the bank accounts of some 10 million people in Iran and Saudi Arabia, vowing to cause billions of dollars in damage.

Ynet looked into Hannibal’s claims and confirmed that the details he published indeed allow for the unauthorized use of Facebook accounts.


A hacker known as Yoni who presented himself as the leader of a group of Israeli hackers wrote on Ynet that “we do not operate against any certain nationality, and any person who operates against the group’s principles, regardless of religion, creed or gender, will be harmed. We, as a group, regret the harm done to innocents and aim to avoid it as much as is possible, yet in this war it’s a necessary move and we have no choice but to do it.”
Aren't we supposed to have the best internet security in the world?

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At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If these were denial of service (DOS) attacks, then this does not necessarily mean that there's any problem with the server security of El Al or TASE.

At 10:59 PM, Blogger ais cotten19 said...

And once again the Arabs choose to fight us on a front in which they are greatly outclassed, oh well!


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