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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A disgusting video on YouTube

The photoshop at the top of this post came from an Arab newspaper, and needless to say, I condemn it. But it seems the only appropriate picture to add to a post about a video in German, which has been dubbed with different words and subtitled in Hebrew, in which Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebbels 'endorses' Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Israelis of all political stripes are aghast over a Youtube video showing Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels endorsing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The video, titled “Bibi Uber Alles,” clearly violates pending and existing laws against using Nazi imagery and inciting hatred, wrote commenters on the video site's page, and called for police prosecution of the individual who posted the video.

In the video, called “one of the worst examples of leftist hate ever on the internet” by one commenter on the video's YouTube page, Goebbels is seen speaking to a mass audience of Germans in archival footage from a Nazi rally in the 1930s. However, interspersed in the video (obviously edited in) are shots of “settler” types, including what appears to be a woman wearing a head scarf – and oddly, one who bears a striking resemblance to former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert – along with the archival footage of Nazi-supporting masses.

The audio of the footage is in German, but the Hebrew subtitles make clear the intention of the poster: Goebbels tells the audience that “we want a new kind who will bring us prosperity, lower taxes, and kill Arabs. Raise your hands for Bibi Netanyahu, king of the world, now and forever.” The audience responds enthusiastically, repeating “Heil Bibi” over and over.

The video's author is listed as “Christian101,” and on Wednesday night it appeared on the Facebook page of an individual who calls himself Meir Mendelson, who wrote in a comment that “the cult of personality encouraged by Bibi the megalomaniac will lead to a catastrophe.”
The good news is that I could not find Christian 101 on YouTube (and I could not access Meir Mendelson on Facebook) so maybe it has been taken down.

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