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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Noam Shalit, for whose son more than 1,000 'Palestinian' terrorists were traded, told a Knesset committee on Tuesday that the terrorists have to understand that terrorism doesn't pay.
"The terror organizations need to know that kidnappings don't pay off for them," Schalit told a Knesset conference on the price for future kidnappings.

Schalit said that terror organizations seeking to carry out the same kind of kidnapping operation that resulted in the capture of his son, Gilad, in 2006, and his captivity until 2011, will be punished.

"These terror organizations need to know that kidnappings will result in strikes against the organizations and their leaders," Schalit said.
I guess when it's someone else's kid, Shalit agrees that we shouldn't be giving up 1,000 terrorists to get him back. What a hypocrite!



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