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Monday, January 16, 2012

As bad as Europe: Arabs suspected in two thirds of homicides in Israel

The people in the picture are not connected to the story.

'Israeli Arabs' make up about 20% of our population, but they make up two thirds of the homicide suspects, among other disproportionate numbers involving just about every violent crime.
Although the Arab community makes up 20 percent of the Israeli population, Arabs are involved in 67% of all homicides, 70% of attempted homicides and 52% of arsons, according to Public Security Ministry figures.

Arabs are also involved in 38% of serious assaults and 36% of robberies, according to the ministry.

Aharonovitch will present a multi-year plan to the government this week that is aimed at improving personal safety levels in the Arab community. The ministry plans on setting up special police units in the Arab city of Nazareth and the town of Taibe, and will deploy an additional 200 officers for the new units.

Hundreds of other officers will be directed to other Arab areas, and community police units will be reinforced.
That sounds like most of the Arab crime is being committed against their own, and therefore cannot be blamed on 'nationalism.' Hmmm.

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