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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saudi school textbooks show the right way to chop off hands and feet

Just look what 9th and 10th graders are being taught in the Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The books were published and handed out to 9th and 10th-graders despite Saudi Arabia's promises to clean up textbooks in the kingdom.

Ali Al-Ahmed, director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs, told Fox News: 'This is where terrorism starts, in the education system.

'They show students how to cut (the) hand and the feet of a thief,' he said.

The textbooks were printed for the 2010-2011 academic year and translated from Arabic by the institute.

In one, for ninth-graders, students are taught the annihilation of the Jewish people is imperative.

One text reads in part: 'The hour (of judgment) will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. There is a Jew behind me come and kill him.'

According to the translations, women are described as weak and irresponsible.

Mr Al-Ahmed said the textbooks also call for homosexuals to be put to death 'because they pose a danger at society, as the Saudi school books teaches'.

Mr Al-Ahmed said: 'If you teach six million children in these important years of their lives, if you install that in their brain, no wonder we have so many Saudi suicide bombers.'
I'm sure we will have some Muslim commenters on here telling us that this is all a lie or that they are old books.

Denial - it ain't just a river in Egypt.

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At 4:51 AM, Blogger Findalis said...

I didn't know there is a wrong way to chop off someone's hands and feet. Learn something everyday.

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chopped liver: see page 97.

At 8:51 PM, Blogger Mrs Afro said...

Orthodox Jews spit on little 8 year old girls,calling them hooker,i believe that is more accepted then teaching young children to be responsible,and honest.

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Mrs Afro said...

I believe spitting on young girls,calling them hooker is accepted in your country?Or at least amongst your people?
I see nothing wrong in teaching children responsibility,and honesty,and show them what happens to you if you steal,or murder.

At 11:42 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Mrs. Afro,

There are some huge differences.

First, there's a huge difference between spitting at someone and cutting off their arm or leg!

Second, our leadership - even the leadership of parts of the same subgroup that performed those acts - has condemned those actions.

Third, the actions you cite are most definitely not state-sanctioned.

Fourth, there are much less drastic ways to teach children how to behave properly.


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